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Naresh Bhoye

Naresh Ji paints his stories and imagery through Warli. He has added contemporary and mdoern elements to the art style to create something that is unique. A perfect blend of a classic art form with a modern touch.

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Shilp Guru Ram Gopal Saini

Shilp Guru Ram Gopal Saini describes Blue Pottery a sadhana (practice) and dhyaan (meditation) to the artist. The beautiful artform can transform your space and bring satisfaction to your soul.

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Vinu K. Bhavar

Vinu ji has art running in his veins. "A to shareer ma j vasi gayu che, haath jaate j chalva laage!” (It’s in my ‘veins’, my hands just go with the flow). The love of the artform and his use of traditional methods add a sense of richness to the paintings he makes.

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