About Us

We believe Indigenite to be more of a movement than a platform to the artists. In this fast paced life, it has become a challenge to stay relevant and identifying individuality, with Indigenite, we are honouring the artists who are the torchbearers of the Indian heritage and crafts in this 21st century, who are honing their craft and showing the world a glimpse of Indian Craftsmanship at its best. At its core indigenite is a state of being. Being one with yourself, knowing ones roots and deriving life from it.
The way nature is built, any standing structure, be it a tree or a bridge requires a strong foundation and as for humanity, the foundation comes from ones culture. Indigenite brings you closer to culture and enables to exist in a rich, deeply rooted and ancient culture. You are what you think you are and the indigenous heritage enables you to ignite the higher being in you.

As the founders of Indigenite, we are proud to introduce our platform for showcasing and promoting the unique, handcrafted works of indigenous artisans.
We believe that preserving traditional art forms and supporting the communities that create them is essential for both cultural preservation and economic empowerment. By connecting these artisans with customers around the world, we hope to contribute to the sustainability and growth of their craft. We are committed to fair trade practices, and to ensuring that our artisans receive a fair price for their work. Thank you for supporting our mission and for choosing to patronize with us. Let’s Indigenite to ignite!