The Connect with Jaipur

The Connect with Jaipur

There is something extremely beautiful about this city which is the heart of Rajasthan, specked with color always and the sun’s heat constantly breathing down on them strongly, while the people are seen bobbed in bright colorful pagdis.

Established in 1727, Jaipur quickly became a melting pot of ideas, thanks to its visionaries, who encouraged and introduced artforms with the best artists and artisans of their times.

Most of the rulers of Jaipur have been the true admirers of literature, arts and crafts. Worldly scholars, artisans and at musicians were invited from the country and out of India. This made Jaipur an epicentre for crafts and arts.

This beautiful cultural heritage can be seen today in various crafts, to name a few, blue pottery and the iron carving, or in traditional performances like the Chari and Ghoomar dances.

Many indigenous homemade items present in Jaipur city are beautiful and completely suited for any form of environment. You may find different types of jewellery, handicrafts, fabrics and even rugs here. Jaipur represents the vibrant and rich quality of traditional values and life.

This cultural centre of the country not only enriches and astonishes its locals every day but tourists from the world over too. The handicrafts of the city truly signify the essence and the culture this city is known for.

Since ages, crafts and arts have been an important part of Indian ethos. Paintings of the local artisans of Rajasthan portray the extravagant zeal that Jaipur embraces, the enchanting and vivid puppets of Jaipur are also known round the globe and are now very famous since the these puppeteers have gotten the digital exposure.

To conclude, you can never get enough of Jaipur when it comes to its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful architecture


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